What you need


GP Tennis has been providing a professional re-stringing service for more than 25 years. Our Electronic stringing machines control the tension with a computer-directed electric motor, resulting in a fast paced stringing and exceptional accuracy.

Need strings in a hurry? Ask about our next day urgent service.


Overgrips can make an old racquet feel new again. Not only do they look cool, but they also provide performance benefits. 
They reduce harmful vibrations produced when hitting the ball, absorb sweat and prevent racquets from slipping off your hand.

We also have dampeners and replacement grips available for purchase.


GP Tennis has a full range of the latest Wilson racquets for you to try. You can request a demo and your Coach will advise you on the best racquet to suit your playing style.

For any other racquets and equipment be sure to visit our partner store, Tennis Warehouse Australia.