Who We Are?

Our Aim

Launching in 2002, GP Tennis (formally known as Gripping Potential Tennis Coaching) is the largest provider of Tennis in Melbourne’s

Our aim is to present a personal experience for each of our players with a clear purpose to each lesson. We adopt a ground up approach by first ensuring the foundations are correct before progressing to technical changes to develop a complete player. 

Our philisophy

We promote the GP Tennis methodology of Learn – Practise – Play and provide affordable opportunities for all players to practise and play in a safe and nurturing environment.

We pride ourselves on creating thriving Tennis communities; so no matter your ability, every one of our amazing venues has a program, team, hitting partner, or social competition for you.

our mission

GP Tennis is very much a team approach. All our Coaches work together to ensure and provide a consistent service across all our venues.

We have travelled to the world’s leading Tennis Academies and continue to build on our own knowledge within the sport. Our Coaching team undertake regular professional development to ensure we are always at the top of our game.